Friday, November 13, 2009

Closed puts written on ANF

I paid $0.40 per share to close the Feb 27 ANF puts I sold in October for $2.16 per share. My original hypothesis--that ANF is badly overvalued, and will drop below $30 by February--may not play out. The stock is healthy, even if the company is not. I'm pleased to make a little money by closing the sold puts early. Ignoring the puts I bought, I've made $1.76 per share or 6.5% of the $27 share price in forty days. Including the puts I bought, however, I'm still at a loss my ANF position.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bought EBIX, closed WAT puts

I bought more EBIX at $56, completing my 6% target allocation in this stock.

I closed my OTM Nov $50 puts on WAT for $0.10/share; I also have a long position in this stock.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bought RIG, Synthetic Long on SH

Yesterday I bought two Nov $57 calls for $1.15. Today I sold two Nov $56 puts for $1.10, completing the synthetic long. SH is the ProShares Short S&P fund, so my calls will increase in value if the S&P drops, and decrease if it rises. This is strictly a short-term hedge.

Today I put 3% of my portfolio into Transocean (RIG) at $85. RIG reported lower revenues and earnings before the market open. I still like the company's position and balance sheet, so I bought it on the dip.

I also like ATW, a smaller company in the same business. I may put another 2% into that company (it reports on Nov 23rd) or buy more RIG, or put that in NE (Noble). There are many great companies in this segment, and they're at great prices right now.