Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bought CRM puts

Bought Mar 16 2013 $150 strike puts on CRM for $2.00.

Bought Sept 21 2013 $5 strike calls on HNR for $1.40.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sold HEK puts

Sold HEK puts.  These puts have a strike price of $4/share and an expiration of June 2013.  The premium paid was $0.60.  I already own HEK stock, but would like to own more.  If these puts are exercised by the buyer, I will be put HEK stock to fill my target allocation.

The total premium is 15% of the strike price; since I use only secured puts, that means I'm earning 15% on the money I've set aside for this position.  The option duration is 4.1 months, so I'm earning 3.66% per month.  I wouldn't make this trade if I didn't want to own the stock.

Sold IRE

Sold IRE for $8.57.

Bought ROIC

Bought ROIC for $12.88/share.